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Much Pokemon. Very Homestuck. So multifandom. Wow.
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Samuel Oak - Pokemon Research

Here’s some updates on the pokemon information posters im thinking of making. Ive got the finished set of logos i was playing around with, plus the initial concept for the starter pokemon idea. 

With that one, i will obviously be drawing charmander, bulbasaur and squirtle myself, but then after the main set of info, ill be putting information on the local area, what pokemon can be found( so some little illustrations of rattata, pidgeys, mankeys, nidorans, that sort of thing) and their strengths, weaknesses in small details. Along with that, ill list basic survival tools and maybe the route to the nearest pokemon centre, perhaps even some league rules :)

the one below that is an updated pokedex poster. Seeing as ive already drawn it, i thought id shove Ampharos in there. more importantly, ive already drawn its mega form, so i thought where the myth section goes on legendary pokemon posters, on regular ones itll have other details, including (where applicable) mega evolutions!

just some stuff i put together after work today. hope you like them! let me know what you think!

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i think about this a lot 


i think about this a lot 

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